We are Affiliated with:

MANNAHOUSE CHURCH – www.mannahouse.church

Mannahouse is the sending church of our pastors Bryan & Dyane Davis. In 2015 Bryan &
Dyane were sent from Mannahouse in Portland, Oregon to pastor LifeSpring Church in
Abbotsford. We continue to be a network church of Mannahouse Church receiving
apostolic covering and support. Pastors Bryan & Dyane also sit on the Lead Team for the
Mannahouse Global Family. Which is a family of church planters and missionaries from
around the world that have been sent from Mannahouse over their 70 year history.

MFI CANADA – www.mficanada.ca

LifeSpring Church belongs to a network of churches in Canada called MFI (Ministers
Fellowship International) Canada. MFI Canada serves like-minded churches across our
nation with strategic and apostolic support, encouragement and accountability. Pastor
Bryan serves on the apostolic team that oversees MFI Canada. MFI Canada is an
extension of MFI in the United States which was started in Mannahouse Church in the
1980’s. There are currently thousands of MFI churches around the world serving tens of
thousands of people.